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Inspired by Scania heritage, carrying more than a hundred years of experience, the Scania XT range stands ready to take on the toughest challenges. Scania’s XT range is tailored to withstand challenging surroundings, securing uptime, and boosting productivity.
Robustness and power – exactly what the XT range is made to be.
The XT range comes with a series of powerful features such as: Steel bumper, protection shield, towing device, robust rear view mirrors and high air intake. All of them making sure you can handle all obstacles with maximum uptime.
Choosing a XT truck means getting a business partner beyond the ordinary, and it comes with the pride of carrying the XT badge. The distinctive styling with orange stitching and XT logo enforces the statement of true robustness and power.
With the high torque-to-horsepower ratio of all Scania engines, together with the industry’s broadest range of alternative- and renewable fuels, the XT range is prepared for any mission ahead. In addition to diesel, the XT range can be specified to run on HVO up to 770hp, biodiesel up to 590hp, FAME up to 500hp, and gas up to 410 hp. It can also be specified with the fully electric BEV, offering a continuous power output of approximately 310 hp.
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