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Reach truck

Reach trucks are ideal for tight spaces such as warehouses. These trucks have excellent residual capacities and ergonomics. All models are easily programmable and include unique  safety features, allowing for exceptional productivity while working at height. 
A quick glance at a few series
48 Volt
750 Ah
Speed 8 Km/h
Capacity 2.5 ton
Lift Height 4150-8000 mm
48 Volt
465-930 Ah
Speed 14 Km/h
Capacity 1.4-2.5 ton
Lift Height 4850-13 000 mm
Universal Stance or Dockstance
24 Volt
Lift Height 6850mm
Capacity 1.5-1.8 ton
36 Volt
Capacity 2.0 ton
Lift Height 9440-11 270 mm

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