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Very Narrow Aisle Truck

 To maximize storage space, the very narrow aisle trucks are available in man-up or man-down versions with fixed or articulated chassis. They provide exceptional performance while also ensuring the driver's safety and comfort.



A quick glance at a few series
48 Volt
Capacity 0.7-1.5 ton
Lift Height 3000-7500 mm
48 Volt
1240 Ah
Speed 12 Km/h
Capacity 1.25-1.5 ton
Lift Height 5750-16 800 mm
48 Volt
Capacity 1.3 ton
Lift Height 13 000 mm
48 Volt
620-930 Ah
Speed 12-14 Km/h
Capacity 1.25-1.5 ton
Lift Height 3600-11 300 mm

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