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Electric order picker

From low to high levels, order pickers significantly increase productivity by assisting operators to easily reach even the tallest racks for order picking and effortlessly navigating narrow aisles in warehouses. Order pickers are available in a broad range of picking heights, load capacities, chassis options and masts. 
A quick glance at a few series
BT Optio N-series
24 Volt
76-105 Ah
Speed 12 km/h
Capacity 1 ton
BT Optio M-series
24 Volt
465-620 Ah
Speed 9-12 Km/h
Capacity 0.85-1 ton
Lift Height 1 530-5 260 mm
8FBP (7-15)
48 Volt
165-280 Ah
Speed 7.5-9 Km/h
Lift Height 6 000 mm
Capacity 0.7-1.5 ton
BT Optio H-series
48 Volt
465-620 Ah
Speed 12 Km/h
Capacity 1-1.2 ton
Lift Height 3318-11 137 mm

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