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Internal combustion forklift

The well-known internal combustion forklifts are suitable for light to heavy-duty applications, they offer exceptional stability, remarkable productivity, and extra surrounding visibility. Internal combustion forklifts are available as diesel or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) variants, with torque converter or hydrostatic transmission.
A quick glance at a few series
8FG/8FD (35-50N)
56/65 kwh
Speed 22-24 km/h
Lift Height 7 000 mm
Capacity 3.5-5 ton
8FG/8FD (60-80N)
66/69 Kwh
Speed 19-21 km/h
Capacity 6-8 ton
LIFT Height 7 000 mm
8FG/8FD (10-J35)
38-49 kwh
Speed 17-20 km/h
Lift Height 7 000 mm
Capacity 1 - 3.5 ton
FGZN/FDZN (20-30)
30/35 Kwh
Capacity 2-3 ton
Lift Height 6 000 mm
Speed 14.5-16 km/h

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