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Powered pallet truck

Power pallet trucks are designed to increase warehouse productivity. They are motorized, allowing for easy lifting and moving of heavy and stacked pallets even in narrow aisles. These models, which are available in a variety of versions ranging from pedestrian to rider-seated, are perfectly suited for different types of indoor applications such as loading, unloading, and horizontal transport.
A quick glance at a few series
BT Levio W-series
24 Volt
150-300 Ah
Speed 5-6 Km/h
Capacity 1.4-2.5 ton
BT Levio B-series
24 Volt
225 Ah
Speed 6.0-7.5 Km/h
Capacity 2 ton
BT Levio P-series
24 Volt
Speed 6-12.5 Km/h
Capacity 2-2.5 ton
BT Levio S-series
24 Volt
310-620 Ah
Speed 10.5 Km/h
Capacity 2 ton

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