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Electric Forklift

Electric forklift are available in a number of sizes and can be used for a variety for indoor and outdoor applications such as loading, unloading, stacking and horizontal transport. They are designed to increase your productivity by improving performance, energy efficiency, and maneuverability. 
A quick glance at a few series
8FBE (10-20)
Capacity 1-2 ton
Lift Height 6 000 mm
280-645 Ah
48 Volt
Speed 14-16.5 km/h
8FB (10-J35)
Capacity 1-3.5 ton
Lift Height 6 000 mm
330-845 Ah
48/80 Volt
Speed 13-17 km/h
8FBN (15-30)
Capacity 1.5-3 ton
Lift Height 6 000 mm
370-725 Ah
48/80 Volt
Speed 14-17.5 km/h
9FBM (60-80)
80 Volt
1,120 Ah
Speed 16-20 Km/h
Capacity 6-8 ton
Lift height 7 000 mm

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