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Attachments & Accessories


Clamps are quite helpful in a wide range of applications. Clamps allow your operator to pick-up and move product safely, lowering the risk of damage. When a load cannot be transported by pallet, the use of a clamp saves time and results in faster, more  efficient product.
Side Shifters:
Side shifters add precision to stacking operations and reduce the need for precise truck positioning. Without getting out of their seat, Operators are able to reposition the forks and pick up loads that are not perfectly aligned with the forklift. 
Furthermore, side shifters are available in single and double units, allowing operators to handle one or two pallets simultaneously. 
Fork Positioners:
Fork positioners come in handy when dealing with pallets of varying widths on a regular basis. Operators may now instantly modify the spacing between the forks to match different pallet sizes without having to get out of their seat. 
When load dumping or inversion is required, rotators can be attached to uprights. The device, which is powered by hydraulics mechanism, can rotate 360 degrees.
Push-pulls allow you to handle products using slip sheets rather than wooden pallets. Substituting an affordable slip sheet for a wooden pallet will help you reduce maintenance expenses, storage room, and damaged stock caused by old and damaged pallets. In businesses such as food and beverage, push-pulls are often used.

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